D.C. National Guard Armory:

Thursday, September 05, 2013

NASTOS has completed renovation of the limestone facade of the District of Columbia's National Guard Armory. That work entailed the removal of all existing mortar on the building and replacing it with mortar to match the original mortar with which this historic building was originally built. It also included repair of cracked or damaged panels, and inserting metal rods through the panels to hold them onto the building. The original panels had began to fall from the building as the old mortar holding them began to disintegrate, so the new metal rods were put in place to prevent this happening in the future.

The Contracting Officer's representative, June Chokechaitanasin, has been very helpful throughout the project, as has the project inspector, Amir Shahna, and the architectural firm, Architrave, P.C. The Contracting Officer, Curtis Clay, held the entire team intact and moved the project along in a timely manner with his excellent management style. The final punch list was checked and cleared during a walkthrough November 18th, and the only work remaining is the installation of 12 ladders in several interior roof spaces. Those will be completed when the present roofing contractor finishes their work sometime in December.