Quality Control


NASTOS has designed its Quality Control methods and management systems to meet the challenges of the construction field. Our success in the market place indicates the real value of our goal: to deliver Quality and Service, not excuses.

To build and assure NASTOS future, a study team of professionals has been assembled, company wide, which possess years of hands-on technical and management expertise. All members of this team are provided with extensive training in the latest Safety, Quality Control and construction contracting methods. They are expected to promote excellence in every area.


NASTOS understands the importance of a stringent and well-documented Quality Control Program. The number and diversity of simultaneous activities on the typical contract creates a unique Quality Control challenge. Precise and thorough scheduling is vital. The QC personnel must time their efforts to assure steady quality progress, and prevent delays at critical junctures.

At the pre-performance conference, the project management team works closely with the Project Owner and his representatives to determine the job quality specifications. The Project Manager and Quality Control Manager relate this information to the subcontractors in subsequent subcontractor meetings.